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Apartment Personnel Training and Staffing  

"Traci has the passion and drive to be the best and extract the best results for her clients. She listens to your needs as a recruiter, makes recommendations and finds the most suitable candidate for the position. As a recruiter, she worked diligently until she found the right person for me who today is one of my best Property Managers. As a trainer, she is thorough, detailed and knowledgeable on current laws and policies . I would give her a glowing recommendation as both a trainer and recruiter."

Serena Kumar, Property Management Director at Brandywine Agency, Inc.

"Traci has completed multiple training sessions with our staff including Fair Housing, Leasing and Customer Service. Each session she has provided new ideas and interesting ways to keep the staff involved and the material fresh. I would recommend Traci to anyone looking for additional training in these areas."

Michael Kempton, Regional Property Manager, McKinney Properties, Inc.

"Traci was the best Manager that has worked for me in the 30 years I have been in property management. She is intelligent, hard-working, a good leader and customer oriented with excellent people and training skills."

Peter Placentino, VP, Brown Investment Properties, Inc.

"I can confidently say that I loved every minute that I worked for Traci while at the Apartment Guide. She was a motivator, lead by example and taught me lessons in management and sales that I can apply to my every day dealings.

Naomi Rosen, Production Coordinator/Administrative Assistant, San Diego Apartment Guide/Primedia

"Traci is a gifted leader and teacher. She offers her clients real-world experience, proven strategies and unmatched insight. In her corporate career, Traci carved out a dynamic performance record for leading others to achieve excellence. She consistently builds strong teams with industry leading skills and abilities. Traci's clients are wise to leverage her proven talent for their benefit.

Heidi White, Principal Consultant, First Impressions

"I had the pleasure of working for Traci for two years while she was the Publisher of the San Diego Apartment Guide. As a manager, she was an invaluable mentor. Her support and enthusiasm were always a source of great motivation and leadership for me. In addition, I experienced first-hand her passion for training and education while working with her on the education committee at SDCAA. Her deep experience within the multi-family housing industry makes her a functional expert in the field. Traci is a dynamic public speaker and her training style keeps people engaged and interacting throughout the class. I would highly recommend Traci as both a sales manager and a professional corporate trainer."

- Kelly Campbell, Account Executive, Primedia/Apartment Guide