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Apartment Personnel Training and Staffing  

Traci Krzywicki, CAM, NALP

25+ years training apartment management teams

Fair Housing f​or Residential Property Management

You can't afford NOT to train your management teams in fair housing law. This class helps make sense out of the law and will help to protect you from Fair Housing litigation. We will cover the fair housing law, ADA, state and local law, the leasing process, current and past resident's rights, advertising, maintenance, what's new and what's coming, and remedies under the law. This training is relevant to everyone on your team!    

Fair Housing for Maintenance!

This two hour course is similar to the fair housing class decribed above but redesigned to focus on maintenance.

Lease It! How to Individualize Closing and Make it Second Nature

Learn how to use rapport building skills to lease and close throughout your telephone and in-person presentation. This class will increase your closing ratio and help you make more money! We will also cover creative ways to follow-up just in case you don't get the lease.

Customer Service for Your Hot New Staff (and everyone else!)

From the basics to going over and above, the goal of this course is increasing resident retention. Learn the cost of losing a resident, and how simple behaviors and actions can help you renew more leases. This one hour class is a MUST for everyone on your team. 

"FRESH" Marketing and Resident Retention Ideas 

This one hour course covers some new, fun, and effective ideas for marketing your properties and retaining good residents. Learn how to think outside the box and stand out from the rest!

All classes are around 3 hours unless otherwise noted.

In person or via ZOOM

Small and large group training and rates available.

We can develop new courses according to your needs!

Call 412-980-1207 or email [email protected]